About Us

The Pestle® is known for being one of the most essential tools in the pharmacy practice.

Accreditation Partners, LLC has created a modern version of the Pestle®, a compliance management software platform that contemporizes the ancient tool. In its new role, Pestle® is helping pharmacies achieve and maintain required compounding compliance practices in accordance to USP 795, 797 and 800.

Pestle® provides an easy to use web-based system designed to keep pharmacies aligned with the USP quality standards. The software integrates accreditation tested standard operating procedures and associated documentation, compliance management, task organization and a depot for historical data storage for large or small compounding pharmacy practices.

Patient safety is an obligation and Pestle® knows that. It never takes a minute off and it never forgets a task. It’s the perfect risk management tool and it is always on the job for both you and your patients.

President, Jerry Eubanks,  RPh since founding Accreditation Partners, LLC in 2008, has been steering compounding pharmacies toward accreditation. He has consulted with compounding pharmacies that have achieved accreditation and surveyed pharmacies for accreditation for an accrediting Board. Prior to that, Jerry’s career path included starting and operating a full service home infusion company and later a compounding only pharmacy.

From those experiences, Jerry has written accreditation tested compliance procedures and associated validation documentation. The next step was simple, Pestle® the cutting edge software platform; the same compliance tested system moving from paper to the digital world.