A Better Way
To Manage Compliance

Pestle® helps compounding pharmacies and healthcare organizations manage compliance and documentation. Enterprise class, highly customizable.



Pestle® allows you to schedule, track and manage tasks to capture documentation.
You can fulfill regulatory and organizational requirements then present the data in meaningful reports.

    Benefits for Everyone:

  • checkAssign Tasks to the responsible party (individual or group)
  • checkSchedule Tasks based on your desired cycle and due dates
  • checkManage Onboarding, Initial Training and Ongoing Competency
  • checkUSP based Templates for SOPs and Forms
  • checkTrack Issues and Investigations

    Benefits for Multi-Pharmacy Organizations:

  • checkStandardize Processes and Documentation (across a multi-facility organization)
  • checkSOPs and Forms can apply to the entire organization or a specific facility
  • checkOrganizational Analytics and Dashboards
  • checkUser access to multiple facilities
  • checkSingle Sign-On (SSO) Integration (Azure & Okta)
who is pestle for?

Document and Track Compliance

Designed with the goal of giving compounding pharmacies a road map to maintaining compliance and implementing quality assurance practices, Pestle® tracks and documents your compliance practices.


Efficient Management

Tiered administration design allows for easy organization of task assignment and management for owners, managers and employees.


Notification of Noncompliance

If there is ever a noncompliant or overdue task, management will receive an email notification immediately.


Compliance Data Storage

Your compliance documentation and data will be stored in one place where you can easily access and analyze it.


Focus on Patient Safety

With a number of recent well publicized drug contamination incidents, it is more important than ever for compounding pharmacies to implement the highest standards of compounding compliance to promote patient safety and quality compounded preparations.


Mitigate Risk Though Trending

Trackable data accumulated from scheduled task completion gives a pharmacy the ability to identify elevating compliance trends.

Thus, providing the ability to intervene with higher vigilance pre-empting any harmful patient outcome.

pestle is customizable

Pestle® gives you the ability to customize any Task or SOP. You can use the templates included in the Pestle® platform to create the tasks and documentation you need for your specific processes.

This feature gives you the unique capability to create and set your own compliance parameters while still working in Pestle®.

You can easily make changes and pivot your documentation when considering changes in regulations, dealing with different state boards regulations, as well as dealing with the continued involvement of the FDA in compounding.

Customizing your tasks can range from changing a cleaning checklist to building a completely new task from scratch.