The pestle is known for being one of the most essential tools in the pharmacy practice.

Accreditation Partners has created a modern version of the PESTLE, a compliance management software platform that contemporizes the ancient tool. In it’s new role, PESTLE is helping pharmacies achieve and maintain required compounding compliance practices in accordance to USP 795 and 797.

USP 795 and 797 are the enforceable federal guidelines issued by United States Pharmacopeia (USP) which provide comprehensive quality standards for the procedures and practices used in sterile and non-sterile compounding. Compounding pharmacies are held accountable to these standards by regulatory agencies and accreditation bodies to ensure patient safety.

PESTLE™ provides an easy to use web-based system designed to keep pharmacies aligned with the quality standards of USP 795 and 797. The software integrates industry recognized SOP’s, compliance management, task organization and data entry into any, large or small compounding pharmacy practice.

Patient safety is an obligation and PESTLE™ knows that. It never takes a minute off and it never forgets a task. It’s the perfect risk management tool and it is always on the job for both you and your patients.

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